Brocks Gap IDPA

Fast is fine, but Accurate is Final.

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Masters 2010 Winners Circle

Custom Defensive Pistol

Matt Sims
  Matt Sims, Division Champion and High Law Enforcement

Not Shown:
Lee Pettross, CDP Master, 1st Place

Scott Randolph
       Scott Randolph, High Senior and Most Accurate

Honey Bunny
      Toni Dandreamatteo, CDP Expert, 1st Place

Neal Clayton
              Neal Clayton, CDP Expert, 2nd Place

Not Shown:
Will Jones, CDP Sharpshooter, 1st Place

Jimmy Duke
           Jimmy Duke, CDP Sharpshooter, 2nd Place

Michael Mitchell
         Michael Mitchell, CDP Marksman, 1st Place

William Riggs
              William Riggs, CDP Marksman, 2nd Place

Enhanced Service Pistol

Wesley Nelson
               Wes Nelson, ESP Division Champion

Randy Nash
               Randy Nash, ESP Master, 1st Place

Stanley Wade
              Stanley Wade, ESP Expert, 1st Place

Thomas Lipscomb
       Thomas Lipscomb, ESP Sharpshooter, 1st Place

Alex Stephenson
      Alex Stephenson, ESP Sharpshooter, 2nd Place

Chris Garon
         Chris Garon, ESP Sharpshooter, 3rd Place

Wes Cheplen
  Wes Cheplen, ESP Marksman, 1st Place (bumped to SS)

Austin Duke
          Austin Duke, ESP Marksman, 2nd Place

Michael Bresson
       Michael Bresson, ESP Marksman, 3rd Place

Stock Service Pistol

Dustin McKinney
          Dustin McKinney, SSP Division Champion

Joshua Scott
             Joshua Scott, SSP Master, 1st Place

Rick Kyle
                   Rick Kyle, SSP Expert, 1st Place

Ryan Newbern
           Ryan Newbern, SSP Expert, 2nd Place

Chris Stewart
                       Chris Stewart, High Industry

Matt Tipton
          Matt Tipton, SSP Sharpshooter, 1st Place

Not Shown:
Jim Clark, SSP Sharpshooter, 2nd Place

David Nall
            David Nall, SSP Marksman, 1st Place

Scott Healey
           Scott Healey, SSP Marksman, 2nd Place

Enhanced Service Revolver

Joe Peel
            Joe Peel, ESR Division Champion

Stock Service Revolver

Not Shown:
Justin Kilburn, SSR Division Champion