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Brock's Gap IDPA BUG Championship

Through 2010, Brock's Gap IDPA held a special backup gun (BUG) Championship that gave us the opportunity to practice with those "pocket" or other compact guns that we often (always?) find ourselves carrying. The matches usually consist of 10 to 12 stages, all of which require use of the BUG, sometimes in combination with the primary gun, and often involving use of a provided long gun in various configurations.

In accordance with IDPA BUG rules, guns must be .32 caliber or larger with a barrel length of 3.8 inches or less for semi-autos and 3 inches or less for revolvers. The BUG willl be limited to 5 rounds with no reloads. For safety, a strong-side belt holster for the BUG is required.

There is no classification breakdown for the BUG Championship, but the top 5 finishers in the auto and revolver divisions each receive a plaque or certificate.

Currently, the annual BUG Championship matches are not being held, but all things are possible in the future. Check this website for announcement of the next BUG championship match.


Click the links below for the results of previous BUG Championship matches.

2010 BUG Championship Results

2009 BUG Championship Results