Brocks Gap IDPA

Fast is fine, but Accurate is Final.

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Masters 2011 Winners Circle

                    Custom Defensive Pistol

Matt Sims, CDP Division Champion and High Law Enforcement
(presenter is Match Director Mike Lunsford)

                 Randy Nash, CDP Expert 1st Place

Not shown: Will Jones, CDP Expert 2nd Place

             Ernie Heath, CDP Sharpshooter 1st Place

           Ryan Newbern, CDP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

           Wes Cheplen, CDP Marksman 1st Place

          Carol Notestine, CDP Marksman 2nd Place

                  Enhanced Service Pistol

        A. C. Nohsey, ESP Division Division Champion

              Wes Nelson, ESP Master 1st Place

           Michael Foster, ESP Expert 1st Place

             Alex Stephenson, ESP Expert 2nd Place

         Theodore Roberts, ESP Expert 3rd Place

              Brad Lunsford, ESP Expert 4th Place

            Thomas Lipscomb, ESP Expert 5th Place

               Ron Lauer, ESP Sharpshooter 1st Place

            Robert Moore, ESP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

           Karl Schlinsog, ESP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

           Brian Atchison, ESP Marksman 1st Place

           Ken Swanson, ESP Marksman 2nd Place

                Sam Eads, ESP Marksman 3rd Place

                     Stock Service Pistol

            Dustin McKinney, SSP Division Champion

          Nicholas Yanutola, SSP Master 1st Place

Scott Randolph, SSP Master 2nd Place, High Distinguished
Senior, and Most Accurate

                   Rick Kyle, SSP Expert 1st Place

                Bill Dukemineer, SSP Expert 2nd Place

                   Brad Hettich, SSP Expert 3rd Place

                 Chris Marcum, SSP Expert 4th Place

        Michael Thompson, SSP Sharpshooter 1st Place

          Rob Tompkins, SSP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

Not shown: Harry Sallee, SSP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

           Alan Warfiled, SSP Sharpshooter 4th Place

            Audrey Day, SSP Sharpshooter 5th Place

               Scott Abbott, SSP Marksman 1st Place

Jed Duke, SSP Marksman 2nd Place, with dad, Jimmy Duke,
(right) SSR Sharpshooter, 1st Place

                Greg Evans, SSP Marksman 3rd Place

             David Burks, SSP Marksman 4th Place

                   Enhanced Service Revolver

         Toni Dandreamatteo
, ESR Division Champion

            Stanley Hodgin, ESR Marksman 1st Place

                         Stock Service Revolver

              Justin Kilburn
, SSR Division Champion

           Rickey Brazle, SSR Marksman 1st Place

                                 Additional Awards

                 Larry Hill
(ESP Master), High Senior

    Tierani Hendrix (SSP Expert) High Lady and High Junior