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Masters 2014 Winners Circle

Award Winners from the 2014 Masters IDPA Championship

Custom Defensive Pistol

Chris Chua, CDP Division Champion

Chris Woomer, CDP Master 1st Place

Clint Bowen, CDP Expert 1st Place

Not Shown: Greg Brose, CDP Expert 2nd Place
Not Shown: Stanley Wade, CDP Expert 3rd Place

Robbie Nichols, CDP Sharpshooter 1st Place
(bumpted to CDP Expert)

Jason Henry, CDP Sharpshooters 2nd Place

Not Shown: William Moss, CDP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

Denny Rey, CDP Marksman 1st Place

Not Shown: Lee Entrekin, CDP Marksman 2nd Place
Not Shown: Scott Johnson, CDP Marksman 3rd Place

Enhanced Service Pistol

Ken Park, ESP Division Champion

Not Shown: Andy Steele, ESP Master 1st Place

Scott Randolph, ESP Master 2nd Place (also
High Distinguished Senior)

Not Shown: Gene Simmons, ESP Expert 1st Place
(bumped to Master)

Sam Huber, ESP Expert 2nd Place

Not Shown: Ken Murano, EXP Expert 3rd Place

Heath Jolly, ESP Sharpshooter 1st Place (bumped
to EXP Expert)

Dale Fraysur, ESP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

Alan Howard, ESP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

Justin Winstead, ESP Marksman 1st Place

Joey Jodoin, ESP Marksman 2nd Place

Not Shown: Mike Smith, ESP Marksman 3rd Place

Not Shown: Suzeanne Grier, ESP Novice 1st Place

Stock Service Pistol

Sal Nappo, SSP Division Champion

Christopher Schatz, SSP Master 1st Place

Ryan Newbern, SSP Master 2nd Place

Brad Lunsford, SSP Expert 1st Place (bumptedĀ 
to SSP Master)

Dan Humphries, SSP Expert 2nd Place

Jonathon Peace, SSP Expert 3rd Place

David Bertanzetti, SSP Sharpshooter 1st Place
(bumped to SSP Expert)

Rob Moore, SSP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

Not Shown: Wayne Lemond, SSP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

Chris Magyar, SSP Marksman 1st Place (bumped
to SSP Sharpshooter)

Nathan Burke, SSP Marksman 2nd Place

Not Shown: Morgan Dester, SSP Marksman 3rd Place

Steven Webb, SSP Novice 1st Place

Enhanced Service Revolver

Bob Briggs, ESR Division Champion

Not Shown: Stanley Hodgin, ESR Sharpshooter 1st Place
Not Shown: Rich Valvo, ESR Marksman 1st Place

Stock Service Revolver

Rhett Crutchfield, SSR Division Champion

Rickey Brazle, SSR Expert 1st Place

Not Shown: Michael Dukes, SSR Sharpshooter 1st Place

Robin Dukemineer, SSR Marksman 1st Place