Brocks Gap IDPA

Fast is fine, but Accurate is Final.

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Masters 2015 Winners Circle

Winners from the 2015 Masters IDPA Championship

Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)

Deon Martin, CDP Division Champion

Patrick Hardison (as PT Onion), CDP Expert 1st Place

Mike Stevenson, CDP Expert 2nd Place

Carlton Jones, CDP Sharpshooter 1st Place

David Blanton, CDP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

Joshua Hamilton, CDP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

Toby Barrett, CDP Marksman 1st Place

Lee Templeton, CDP Marksman 2nd Place

Ellis McVey, CDP Novice 1st Place

Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)

John Browning, ESP Division Champion

Not Shown: Ken Park, ESP Masters 2nd Place

Katie Harris, ESP Expert 1st Place and High Lady

Not Shown: Will Jones, EXP Expert 2nd Place

Jonathon Peace, ESP Expert 3rd Place

Michael Lee, ESP Sharpshooter 1st Place

Joey Lieu, ESP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

Not Shown: Vincent Law, ESP Sharpshooter 3rd Place
Not Shown: Scott Glanze, ESP Sharpshooter 4th Place

Kenny Sayers, ESP Marksman 1st Place

Joey Jodoin, ESP Marksman 2nd Place

Chip Leas, ESP Marksman 3rd Place


Stock Service Pistol (SSP)

Brandon Reynolds, SSP Division Champion

Seth Hayden, SSP Master 1st Place

John Brannon, SSP Expert 2nd Place

Walter Sorrells, SSP Expert 3rd Place

Not Shown: Hakim Satterfield, SSP Expert 4th Place

Sean Alcazar, SSP Sharpshooter 1st Place

Andy Milam, SSP Sharpshooter 2nd Place

Not Shown: Skip Darden, SSP Sharpshooter 3rd Place

Matthew Penninger, SSP Marksman 1st Place

Todd Cole, SSP Marksman 2nd Place

Jim Isabell, SSP Marksman 3rd Place

Not Shown: Jerrell Horaist, SSP Marksman 4th Place
Not Shown: Dylan Hensley, SSP Marksman 5th Place

Marla French, SSP Novice 1st Place


Compact Carry Pistol (CCP)

Christopher Shatz, CCP Division Champion

Stanley Wade, CCP Expert 1st Place

King Drummond, CCP Sharpshooter 1st Place

Ron Cliborn, CCP Marksman 1st Place


Revolver (REV)

Ted Pesta, REV Division Champion

Chester Kingman, REV Sharpshooter 1st Place

Jaime Acevedo, REV Marksman 1st Place

Category Awards

Scott Randolph, High Distinguished Senior

Not Shown: Justin Winstead, High Junior

Randy Nash, Most Accurate