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Brock's Gap Monthly IDPA BUG Matches

Click here to register for the June BUG match.

Each month, on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday IDPA match, we break up the week with a night match under the lights. This is an IDPA type match celebrating the BUG division.  We use IDPA rules and scoring, but all shooters follow the BUG-S division requirements for division capacity and loading devices. That means 6 rounds max in each magazine and no extra round at the start.  Shooters may start with a loaded gun and 3 additional magazines (4 total magazines).

For equipment, the BUG-S division requires a barrel of 3.5 inches or less with notch and post sights. We have established a BIG BUG division for firearms with barrels between 3.5 and 4 inches that almost fit in the BUG sizing box. For folks that don't have a BUG gun, we accept all other IDPA division compliant firearms into the OPEN division.  Open division shooters still have to follow the BUG capacity and magazine limits. Normally, optics are not allowed on BUG guns. If you really need to use an optic, we have separate optics divisions.

Plan on shooting 5 stages with an approximate round count of 125. (90 rounds minimum to shoot the match)
Although the bays are lighted, a flashlight or headlamp is recommended for use away from the bays.

The match fee is $10.00.

SIGN-IN CLOSES AT 5:30; MANDATORY SAFETY BRIEFING AT 5:45; TRIGGERS AT 6:00.  We usually finish by 8:00ish.

Contact Michael Goodman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.